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Meet our Team – Samantha Magennis

Position title: International Resource Consultant

Favourite Quote: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

Q1. What is your role at sugarman and how long have you worked for us?

My Role is International Resource Consultant based in Australia and this is my first month at Sugarman international.

Q2. What is your favourite part of the role?

Assisting those who are seeking a new experience in the UK.

Q3. What is your favourite thing to do when travelling?

Finding a unique cultural dish as well as going outside the normal tourist areas.

Q4. What is your ideal holiday destination?

Somewhere diverse and full of nature, Canada is one of my favourites to seek this.

Q5. Where can we find you on the weekend?

Going on nature walks or trying out some trendy restaurants with my mates

Q6. What work related advice would you give to our international candidates relocating to the UK?

Have all your important documents ready before you go, this will mean less stress for you and a smoother transition over in the UK.

Q7. What is the first thing you would do if you visited the UK?

Straight to an English Pub!

Q8. Where is your favorite place to eat?

Cheesecake factory , I love the Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

Q9. Where have you travelled before and what was your favourite part about it?

Travelled all across the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Noumea, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand , Thailand and Singapore. Favourite part about all of these destinations would be the people I met in these destinations, I met some of my best friends whilst travelling + working overseas!

Q10. What would be 5 things you would miss if you left Australia?

My dogs, Australian coffee, Vegemite, my family and Tim Tams!

Q11. On fun fact about you!

I can draw a backwards elephant….


Meet our Team – George Bland-Wells

Position title: Business and Talent Development Executive

Favourite quote: “There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes, but with hard work you can make your own luck, there are no limits to what you can achieve.”

Q1. What is your role at Sugarman and how long have you worked for us?

I am a business and talent development executive, I place professionals into both the NHS and private sector.

Q2. What is your favourite part of your role?

I enjoy speaking with new people on a day to day basis and securing their ideal post over here in the UK.

Q3. What is your favourite thing to do in London?

I am a big football fan and have a season ticket at West Ham Utd so I like to watch them on the weekend.

Q4. What is your ideal holiday destination?        

My ideal holiday destination is Dubai, I love the mixture between city/beach holiday.

Q5. Where can we find you on the weekend?

You can find me at my local pub in East London called the Carpenters before I head to watch West Ham.

Q6. What work related advice would you give to our International candidates relocating to the UK?

My recommendation is to always be open minded and explore outside of London as there are many nice places to live/work across the UK!

Q7. What is the first thing you would recommend our candidates do when they get into the UK (tourist tip or fun adventure ).

When I meet with my candidates in our London HQ I always recommend them to visit the Sky Garden and the Shard as they are a throw away from the office and has incredible views of London.

Q8. Do you live in London or do you commute to work? If so how long is your commute and what are your tips for the travel time?

I live in Hertfordshire which is part of the home counties just outside of London, my total commute is around 1hr 10mins door to door. My tips would be to find something under 1hr .

Q9. Where is your favourite place to eat in either London or surrounds?

My favorite place is Hakkasan, I love the cuisine and ordering loads of little dishes.

Q10. What are five things you love about the UK or five things you would miss if you left the UK?

5 things I love are – The Countryside,  Festivals, Transport in London, Friendly people and the restaurants and nightlife 


Occupational Therapy Australia | 28th National Conference and Exhibition 10th-12th July 2019

The theme for the 2019 National Conference and Exhibition is “Together towards tomorrow”. The theme is designed to reflect the dynamic nature of contemporary occupational therapy practice.

“Together” focuses attention to the many ways in which occupational therapists work together and partner with consumers, communities and colleagues to support optimal occupational performance, health and well-being. Partnerships take on a multitude of different forms, including: working together to grow a resilient and skillful workforce; working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to support self-determination; working with consumers and communities to co-design innovative solutions to emerging challenges in a range of contexts; working in cross-disciplinary teams for practice, entrepreneurship, education, and research; and many more.

“Towards tomorrow” encourages us to be forward looking. The future brings a range of opportunities, but also challenges. How can we best respond to the changing needs of the populations we work with, how do we practise most effectively in changing contexts and how can we grow the collective impact of occupational therapy? In looking towards the future, we must also reflect on and learn from our past.

Join us at the Occupational Therapy Australia 28th National Conference and Exhibition 2019 to share, learn and work… “together towards tomorrow.”

Find out more Here


The Big Meet: 14.03.2019


Big Meet Careers Fair?

Every year Australia’s leading employers travel the country looking for high quality graduates and undergraduates. The Big Meet is your opportunity to meet up to 100 of these organisations in one day and in one location.

These organisations are offering a range of options including graduate employment, voluntary work, gap years, international internships, vacation work, postgraduate education, teaching, travel and overseas opportunities. Whatever your interests, The Big Meet has something that will meet YOUR needs.

Many of our exhibiting organisations close applications in March/April 2018 – so make sure you meet them before it is too late!

The Big Meet is FREE. Come along and plan your future, meet some great people, have fun… and pick up some free stuff along the way!

More info at here